Building Community Through Agriculture

Nestled in the gap of the lush mountains of Western North Carolina we are stewards of the land long called Hickory Nut Gap Farm. The story of our family inhabiting this land began in 1916 and five generations later we continue to share our story and place with our community by inviting you to be a part of our family farm experience and to try our products. Our reach goes beyond these mountains as we continue to grow our belief of building community through agriculture. HNG grassfed beef, pasture raised pork and chicken, raised by farmers who share our values, can be found regionally in groceries and restaurants.

Meet the people behind your food.

Hickory Nut Gap Farm and Meats

Sharing values.

HNG products are meant to be shared with those you love and feed. We focus on aligning our values with yours through stewardship, authenticity and connection. Animals are raised humanely, products are packaged professionally, and our farms and the environment we steward are cared for and productive. We remain curious and open minded to the possibilities of inspired growth.

Supporting farmers.

Hickory Nut Gap is run by farmers and we are proud to be inspired and partner with other farmers in our region.  “HNG shares our family farm values; pasture raised animals are treated humanely from birth to finishing.” ~John Sherrill, HNG Partner Farmer, Sparta, NC.

Because WE are Farmers.

Jamie and Amy Ager are the husband and wife team behind Hickory Nut Gap.  Both graduated from Warren Wilson College and began managing the family farm in 2006.  They were the first vendors to sell butchered meat at the local North Asheville Tailgate market, and continued building on the foundation of the family farm. From selling product direct to consumer, to building a strong network of community relationships, they are very aware of the struggles faced on working farms in our region. As 4th generation farmers, they have a unique perspective needed to bridge the industry gaps between where your food comes from and its journey to your dinner table. 

What’s Happening On The Farm


Order online, arrive at the farm between 1pm-4pm Thursday thru Sunday, and a member of our staff will deliver your order to the trunk of your vehicle. Stay healthy and safe while still enjoying 100% grassfed beef and pasture raised pork.

Butchery Classes and Events Postponed

Due to Covid-19, the Farm is closed to the public and all events are being postponed to a later date to be determined when normal operation resumes. All pre-purchased tickets will be fully refunded in the coming weeks. Stay safe and healthy, we’ll see you soon.

Find Our Meat Near You

Did you know that HNG Meat is available for purchase at multiple local grocery stores throughout the Southeast? We currently have products in Ingles, Whole Foods, Food Lion and many other local markets, restaurants, and shops.

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