Want to try something a little different with your Boneless Pork Loin? Try stuffing it! This recipe from Simplyrecipes.com incorporates shallots, apples, cranberries, walnuts, and maple syrup to make a delightful loin that will please your family and impress your guests. If you don’t have shallots, substitute onions and try any slightly tart apple you can find (winesaps and pink lady’s are delicious from experience). Enjoy!


15 hours per week. Part time Farm Store position. Contact office@hickorynutgapfarm.com for more information.

Our first CSA year has been a success! With that under our belts (or suspenders, you might say) we are ready to expand the number of shares we offer for next season. Next season runs from April-September 2012. We offer two share sizes 10 lb ($70) and 15 lb ($100), monthly billing, two pick up locations, and 10% off any other meat purchases the day of pickup. A monthly CSA shares includes our grassfed beef, pastured pork, and this year pastured poultry. Each month your CSA share comes with a variety of meat cuts, facts about where they come from and fun recipes to try. Pair this with a vegetable CSA from our cousins at Flying Cloud Farm and you are all set for the month! All th is and your food all origianates in the valley of Fairview, probably a mere 20 miles from your house. Now that’s local!

Join us March 10th at the farm store for  samples of our grassfed and pasture raised meats and a personal farm tour by Hickory Nut Gap Farm owner, Jamie Ager. Try our new cured meat product line and sample Looking Glass Creamery’s reknown goat cheeses. Visit with Jamie and Amy Ager, owners of Hickory Nut Gap Farm and let them know how to best serve your local meat needs. Expanded farm store hours will be announced for the upcoming seasons. Don’t miss grabbing a coupon for our enhanced agritourism activities opening this summer- upick organic berries!

We are conducting a 30 second survey and we’d love to get your input on how we can best expand our farm store hours to meet your needs. Is it impossible to get here by 5:00, I know for some of you it is. You work all week and Saturday is the only day you can get here but when other things come up you find coming out to the farm to get a box of meat just doesn’t fit the schedule. Take our 30 second survey and let us know when you want to shop. We are open to other feedback as well, so take a minute and help us direct our customer service the best way possible.