A Farmer’s Perspective: August 2nd, 2019

A Weekly Account of Life on the Fairview Farm

By: Asher Wright

Weekly update: July 22nd – August 2nd, 2019

I hope everyone had a productive week. Remember, the key word is “production” if you can’t produce, you can’t stay. Ok, ok, that’s really just what I say.  So what’s been going on? Check it out here:
  • I had the pleasure of joining some members of the meats team as we went down East to Duplin county to tour some of our hog producers’ farms and meet with them to talk about what lies ahead and to help everyone get a better understanding of where we are headed. It was a great trip. I especially enjoyed our 5 hour car ride back as Natalie and Sam serenaded us to top 40 hits over the past 20 years in the back seat like 2 agro teenagers.
  • The team continues to push forward with fence line weed whacking. This is hard work, tell the crew thanks when you see them. Because we don’t use herbicides on our farm we have to maintain our fences with weed-whacking instead of spraying.
  • We have been monitoring the orchard closely and the early ripening varieties will be coming off in the next 2-4 weeks. Stay tuned!
  • The crew built another pig paddock for our top hogs in the Sawmill pasture and got them moved out of their old paddock and into their new paddock. The old paddock was the one I wrote about in my first post. We will be rotating them through pasture space every 4-6 weeks to keep the ground protected and new forage in front of the piggies.
  • We are about 90% prepped for Turkeys and they are hitting the ground around August 15th. This involved setting up the houses and tarps, getting the propane heater dialed in, setting up the water system, and cleaning and sanitizing the feeders and waterers. We will be bedding the houses with straw and pine shavings before they get here.
  • The production team had a meeting to discuss all the infrastructure that will be needed for the fall agritourism push and begin knocking out that check list. This week we fixed the broken electrical box on the Southeast corner of the event shed.
  • The steering broke on the Ford 5000 and I broke into a steering line project. Because the tractor is so old and has a number of parts exchanged over the years it took me awhile to find the correct part, but we did, and it’s on it’s way.
  • Eli led a tour to about 40 campers and did a fantastic job. They looked happy and I know they learned a lot.
  • We made another weed whack pass through the berries and got them mowed. They are looking sharp and we are ready for the final U-Pick push. We have some blue berries still and are full with black berries. Spread the word.
  • Today we build a .14 acre, woven wire (thats like the wire that’s around Atticus) fence nursery for our weaned piglets. This is where we we will wean them, give them higher quality feed and train them to the electric fence. They will hang here before moving in with the other growing pigs. We will also be moving some of the small pigs in the viewing area out to the nursery as well. Our plan is to leave the boar and a buddy in there for the fall season.
  • We named the boar! He is that studly looking black Berkshire boar in there. His name is Diesel. Go say hi, he is cute.
  • Beyond these items the crew has done a great job moving the cattle along and managing our pastures nicely.
  • We have gotten a little over 2.5″ of rain since I last wrote, thanks Weather Station.
That’s it for now. I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend.