A Farmer’s Perspective: June 28, 2019

A Weekly Account of Life on the Fairview Farm

By: Asher Wright

Weekly update: June 23rd – June 28th, 2019

  • We finished the final touches on the apple sprayer and got it 100% dialed in this week. It worked beautifully today and we have a lot of apples in the orchard. I’m really excited about the late summer and fall harvest.
  • Blueberries are continuing to produce well and U-Pick was on for today and tomorrow.
  • Crew got a mow in the orchard to keep the tall grass down, great work Eli and Ian.
  • We borrowed a plow from some friends of ours so we can plow up the corn maze after the event this weekend. Corn seed for the maze will be in the ground within 2 weeks
  • The mamas with baby piglets are all doing well and the piglets are growing nicely. We will be weaning one litter from our beloved Sow (female pig), next week, her name is Banana, thanks Nora.
  • We got some Farm Crew Only signs put up on the road through the farm shop area.
  • We process chickens every Wednesday but this week was cut short by a broken electrical wire on the plucker, Ian repaired the plucker today with a replacement plug, go Ian!
  • We turned our compost pile and mixed in some wood chips to add a little carbon to our nitrogen. Ideal C:N ratio in compost is 20:1 respectively. This prevents it from stinking and gives all the microbes the carbon they need make a well balanced compost. We will continue to improve our composting operation and eventually be able to spread it back on our pastures.
  • The cattle are grazing in the chamomile pasture and are looking great. The pastures ahead of the cows have good forage (grasses, legumes, forbes, google it) and that’s great for us. It’s always a gamble with the rain and we are getting just the amount we need when we need it. Keep those fingers crossed.
  • I have been working on a budget for a few capital investment items for the farm that we hope to make within the next couple of years.
  • The final work of the week has been hustling to get the Farm to Fork Fondo event space ready. The team has weed whacked, set up parking spaces, organized the sawmill pasture, mowed the corn maze field for parking, fixed ruts leading into the field, and overall had a great attitude when putting on our event planning hats and taking off our farmer hats.