Chickens are Ready!

The crew arrived today with fresh chicken gizzards for lunch. Our intern/chef extraordinaire boldy peels them, and sautees in olive oil and garlic. Three of us down them with a mmm sound reaction. One tightly purses his lips with a shake of the head and well the two others of us with less courage just politely decline. Its kind of a rule that on chicken killing days you don’t eat chicken but today with 96 birds under their belt, gizzards just seemed like a good idea. Somewhere there was some inspiration.

Not sure if there are any gizzards left folks but we do have whole, fresh chickens  available for $3.50/lb. That is until they are all sold. Come by the farm store Wed-Sat between 1-5 to claim yours. Its a first come first serve situation, but their will be another batch coming on at the end of August.

The freedom rangers, which we have been pleased with so far, are weighing about 4-6 lbs, a perfect sized broiler. I know many of you would rather buy chicken pieces (breast, legs, thigh) etc but I encourage to try roasting a whole bird or purchasing them fresh and cutting them up to freeze into your own family size portions. Feasting on a pastured raised chicken is a real treat especially in the middle of winter-plan ahead here its a seasonal product. Our most dedicated customers purchase 12 chickens each sale enough for two chicken dinners every month. Come by the farm to get your pastured chickens or visit our booth at the Asheville City and North Asheville Tailgate Markets this Saturday morning. Don’t forget if you wear your HNGF t-shirt, it’ll score you a free pack of ground beef!

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  1. admin says:

    Nice to get your message. We are still taking orders for this batch and should have plenty of chickens through next week. Come on over if its convenient for you during farm store hours Wed-Sat 1-5pm. I’ll add you to the list.

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