Planting Corn and Pumpkins, come on rain!

Most farmers plant their corn in May with fresh sweet corn just around the corner and field corn rising above the average six foot man’s head at this point in the season. Our corn is just going in today as we hope that the ever lingering thunder and lightening may actually produce a drop or two of water to swell our seed into germination. Getting our corn in the ground in late June helps keep it nice and green as our maze goers find their way through the corn maze this fall. If all goes well the plan is green corn stalks until mid October just before the first frost.
We’ve opened up some new ground over in the Arrowhead Pasture which will extend the maze to be a little bigger than last year and get the ground ready for future crops. For now we are focusing on getting the corn and pumpkin seeds in the ground before the end of the week so we can all enjoy each others company this fall over a crisp apple and a carving pumpkin in tow.