Early Spring

It doesn’t seem possible that it’s still February and we’re enjoying nearly two weeks of balmy spring weather. This fickle month has seen some of the biggest snowfall that we’ve had in years and for the past several days I’ve been wearing short sleeves! I’m sure the cold will snap back into place before too long, but it is restorative to remember what it’s like to feel the warmth of the sun and the energy that begins to pervade every living thing during springtime.

Working outside all winter makes the spring seem even more magical and empowering than ever before and already I can feel the excitement that warmth and growth are bringing to the farm. It’s not just an mysterious feeling either. There are real signs, life that is beginning to well up, green tipped buds,  delicate snowdrops and pale crocuses. Last week we had two new additions to the goat herd and already there have been seven calves born this month! Watching them stumble around the pasture in all their ungainly enthusiasm is as sure a sign of spring as anything I know.

There is a certain vitality that I think gets covered up in winter. It hides itself deep down in the roots of trees, below the frozen dirt, under layers of protection and warmth. In spring though, it bursts out. Jubilant. Like all that life has been just waiting for a little encouragement. Even if the weather does turn cold again, spring has begun. There is not holding back the tide of life that has begun to flow. I’m ready!



happy budding!