Will this be your New Years Resolution? An obtainable resolution living in this town with all the amazing vegetables, breads, cheeses, honey, sorghum, grits, and meats grown in our area.  We at Hickory Nut Gap are crafting a CSA for meats model to make this goal easier. Are you interested in receiving a weekly (or monthly) “basket” of grassfed beef and pastured pork treasures. Please send us an email to orders@hickorynutgapfarm.com  stating your interest and your wish list of conveniences. We are developing this idea and would like to implement starting in the new year. A quick and easy way to get healthy meats to your table. Pick up locations could include farm store, farmers market, or neighborhood drop offs. We just need a mass following to make it happen. 

Thank you for your feedback in our recent survey, we have heard your requests and our prioritizing tasks to make our business better in the new year. The shopping cart, long awaited, is underway and with fingers crossed will be up by the mid January. We value you as customers and invite your feedback anytime. It’s the only way we know the impact we are having and will be able to serve you better.

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  1. Sarah Zetterholm says:

    Hey guys!! We’d be interested in about 20 pounds a month – and with more chicken than beef or pork. Us being too picky may be too complicated to manage with a large group – and we can always come shop.

    Hope this finds you guys doing well.


  2. Donna Billings says:

    My family and I would be very interested in the meat CSA, though there are only 2 of us. It would be great to have beef & pork loins, sausages, chicken, etc. available when there are no tailgate markets! Would there be a minimum monthly order?

  3. Anita Slagle says:

    THis sounds great. Our family eats mostly chicken so I’d like to see what is going to be included.

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