How to Plant 500 Blueberries, HNG Farm style

1. Test the soil ph. Add lots of organic matter.
2. Be the inagural farm for the Crop Mob West. Over 20 “mobbers” showed up in an overcast post rainy day to donate their time and tools to help get 500 blueberries of seven different varieties in the ground. Shew, that was a weeks worth of work done in four hours.
3. Feed them well, steak dinner at the Big House, and get them warm and dry afterwards.
4. Receive the news that there just isn’t enough organic matter although we thought there was and that the plants aren’t going to do well without more. Stand up tall, swallow it, get up the courage to tell your employees we have to do it again.
5. Motivate your sullen employees that yes it’s true we have to replant 500 blueberries but its going to be worth it!
6. Add more mulch, till it in, plant blueberries, muclh the rows.
7. We did it! Cheers to blueberry cobblers and many happy u-pickers in the years to come. An investment in happy pickers and crossing our fingers bountiful harvests.
Thanks to all who made this daunting task possible. We love you all.