One more chance for CHICKENS

The season is winding down and we are beginning to put the farm to sleep for winter. We have harvested the Thanksgiving turkeys (on a nice warm day) and the last batch of pastured chickens (not warm at all). If you’re the planning type come on over because now is the time to stock up on $3.50/lb, pasture raised, freedom rangers. I count on two chickens per month for our family which amounts to 14 birds coming up to our chest freezer to keep us fed over the next 7 months! The first chickens of 2012 will be ready to harvest in June. Chicken is the perfect reason to turn on the oven and warm up the house.
Other end of the fall season tasks include making the last of the cider, which will be available frozen through the winter, getting the barn ready for the pig herd to help us turn bedding into compost, putting the cows out on the stockpiled fescue to graze on our Rutherford County farm, mulching the blueberries, and of course getting more firewood. The always at the back of your mind task of firewood.