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PR Contact:
Abby Houston
Native Marketing

Physical Address: 
Hickory Nut Gap
57 Sugar Hollow Rd
Fairview, NC 28730

Hickory Nut Gap is a working farm and a producer of 100% Grassfed beef, and Pasture Raised pork and chicken, all with No Antibiotics or Added Hormones. Hickory Nut Gap’s mission to build community through agriculture.  Healthy communities mean soil health, animal health, and human health. Hickory Nut Gap is spearheading the regenerative agriculture movement by using a pasture-based farming model, following in the footsteps of brilliant minds like Joel Salatin, Wendell Berry, and Allan Savory, to rebuild soil, reverse climate change, and treat animals humanely. Hickory Nut Gap is driven in their mission to support local farmers in a growing economy and to connect customers to the food they consume.