Talking Chicken and Turkey

Pastured Chickens available again! $3.50/lb for whole birds. We will be offering breasts, thighs and drumsticks, wings and stock chicken in the coming weeks as well. Whole chickens weigh in the 4-6 lb range and these freedom rangers, as the breed is called, makes a wonderful, quick dinner. A tip from my friend Holly: “I start the chicken in the oven, take the kids to soccer, pull it out when I get home start a quick pot of water for couscous and dinner is done!” Maybe a few vegetables on the side would be my only suggestion, a winter squash from Flying Cloud Farm, delicatta is my favorite this week!

Thankgiving (what!) light years away in your mind, I suspect, but the time is now to reserve your Hickory Nut Gap pastured turkey. In the past, most of our turkeys weight between 12-23 lbs and this is what we are expecting again. They are $3.50/lb. Your Thanksgiving meal centerpiece is available for the choosing on the day you pick it up (usually the Wed-Sat before Thanksgiving)

Email to reserve yours, supplies are limited, no deposit required. We trust you won’t forget that part of the meal!

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  1. Rita Kollist says:

    Please reserve a turkey for me – 20 Lb + is good for me.

    Will be coming for more chickens.
    AND waiting for the fall beef – I want a 1/4 side of beef again.

  2. Fran Davis says:

    Jamie, please reserve a turkey for me for Thanksgiving. Anything around 15 pounds will be fine. NOt too particular about weight. Thanks….

  3. Susan Taylor says:

    I would like to order a couple of chickens, or buy some frozen. Let me know what the options are. I recently boiled a whole bird for stock and eating and the flavor was fabulous!
    Susan Taylor

  4. admin says:

    We have both fresh and frozen chickens available this week. Come on over supplies should last for about a month. Glad you enjoyed it. I agree you can’t beat the stock our chickens provide.

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