An abattoir is another name for the place where animals are butchered. You will see these terms interchanged often in the industry of raising animals and selling meat. Hickory Nut Gap Meats uses two such abattoirs to process our animals. Mays Meats located in Taylorsville, North Carolina and Washington County Meats in Bristol, Virginia both located two hours from our farm.  Hickory Nut Gap Farm, and other local producers in our company, take pigs and cows we have raised  to one of these two abattoirs, or processors as we tend to say, for their final moments. Both Mays Meats and Washington County Meats are Animal Welfare Approved (a third party certification) processing facilities, which in short, means they take great care of  the animals we have raised in the last phase of their life. Why is this so important? We believe honoring the animal with a peaceful exit rather than a stressful one ultimately affects the quality of the food we are consuming on many levels. The long term relationship we have developed with both of our processors is essential to ensuring our animals well being even after they leave the farm.

In the past year there has been an erroneous account of where we process our meat in a short essay in the Mountain Express. We were never contacted by the author who assumed he had his facts straight. He did not. It was stated that our business and environmental impact are in fact not sustainable because we truck our pigs all the way to Pennsylvania. Two hours is the maximum time our live animals spend on a trailer and they do not go to Pennsylvania. We do ship meat to PA to be further value added because no such facility exists in our region. This meat is shipped UPS and made into our beef jerky, beef sticks, and kielbasa summer sausage.

Opening in 2011, a federally inspected poultry processing facility will add one more option for local processing. This is going to allow us to raise more pastured chickens to help meet our current demand and offer more of a variety of cuts. In the five year range, is talk of a processor in western North Carolina that could serve our growing agricultural economy. At Hickory Nut Gap we too are exploring adding value and variety to our meat selection by having an on farm aging room and value added capabilities as well as an inspected kitchen and on farm eatery. We will keep you posted!

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  1. Peter Millis says:

    I appreciate your frankness. If one eats meat (and I do), one should be willing to face facts. I’ve been buying your products for years, I always look for them (and request them) in the shops. Thanks for what you do.

  2. Rick Deluga says:

    Thank you for being clear about what you do. I only wish there was a closer place for you to process your meat, and hope for the success of one coming to the area. Other then deer your meat is exclusively where I get my meat protein.

  3. Cynthia Justice says:

    I was told at the City Mkt location last summer that your turkeys and chickens were processed right at the farm because of the small number you sell. Will this change when the processor comes to the area? If so, how will this work? How far to travel in what way etc. Thanks.

  4. admin says:

    We send frozen pork bellies to PA and receive them back as smoked bacon. If you know of a more local, federally inspected facility please let us know.

  5. admin says:

    Yes we do process our poultry on farm at this point. When the new poultry plant opens we hope to bring them our business and support the growing agricultural economy of WNC. The proposed plant is in Marion and this is about a 40 minute drive for us from our farm in Fairview. We hope to be able to offer cuts of chicken and chicken sausages rather than just whole birds as we do now as a result of this change. Here is their website

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